Food, Drink and Services

Why the “Bamboo Room?”
In 1953, Marty and Helen Tengs purchased the Pioneer Bar. The area adjoining the bar was a card room which was transformed into a restaurant leased by Fran Fox. To separate the bar from the restaurant, Fran hung a bamboo curtain the length of the room and named it the “Bamboo Room.” See the full history and some great old photos.

What do we serve?
We serve All-American food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We specialize in seafood and are best known for our locally caught Halibut Fish & Chips. Appetizers include popcorn shrimp, Mac ‘n Jack, Brew Bites and Deep Fried Pickles. We offer vegetarian items too.

Breakfast choices range from hotcakes, omelettes and Eggs Benedict to Chicken Fried Steak, Biscuits & Gravy and Breakfast Burritos. Kids of all ages love our Strawberry Waffles.

Lunch items include a fun selection of burgers, sandwiches and soups made fresh daily. We also feature a variety of salads and wraps. Try Bob’s home-made chili.

Dinner selections range from Burgers to Halibut and seasonal Crab and Salmon. We have nightly blue plate dinner specials.

Kids’ Menu
Little guys love our pint-size Pepperoni Pizza and Chicken Nuggets. We have Junior Size Burgers and Popcorn Shrimp along with classics like Corn Dogs and good ol’ Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Happy kids make happy parents!


Do we cater?
Yes! For any event we’re there to help you make the occasion memorable.

We have years of experience providing box and banquet style meals for local tour operators and service organizations. We have served as many as 250 guests at a sit-down dinner.

We also provide liquor, beer and wine service.

Gift Certificate

Do we have Gift Certificates?
Yes, treat friends with a tasty gift!

Get in touch with us if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate.

Pioneer back bar

What’s on tap at the Pioneer Bar?
We feature award-winning beer by Alaskan Brewing Company and Paul Wheeler’s exceptional Haines Brewing Company Beer.

What else is behind the bar?
Friendly bartenders, a large selection of national and international brands of beer, all manner of libations, and a provocative collection of bumper stickers. Come in and see!

What’s going on?
Several TV’s (including a big-screen) and pool tables. The Pioneer is known for great music. Live bands all summer and a weekly open-mic night and karaoke nights.


Do you have drink tokens?
Yes, our wooden nickels feature a young Marty Tengs saying ” I don’t see a stranger in the house.” which was his code for “buy everybody a drink!”

What happens when you ring the bell?
You buy everyone in the bar a drink and make many new friends!


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